Maja Mommert – trainings, workshops, coaching – The method: Applied improvisation

The method

Maja’s work and her training concepts in particular are based on the principles of applied improvisation: The participants and their active experience take center stage and failure is absolutely okay.

  • Make your partner look good!

The participants’ unconditional appreciation of each other and their mutual respect are top priorities in Maja’s work

  • Be present here & now!

What is important right here and now takes priority. In her workshops, Maja always perceives the present moment and the current needs of the participants. If required by the situation or desired by the participants, the concept can be spontaneously adjusted. To accomplish this, Maja will tap her vast wealth of experience in terms of methods and exercises.

  • Dare to take a risk

In her training sessions and seminars, Maja creates a protected space in which behaviors about which the participants are insecure can and should be tried. This is based on an unconditional “yes” to the strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of each individual. The participants will explore their limits and experience situations where they never thought they would dare to venture.

  • Love your mistakes! How failure can be fun

In real life, not everything will go smoothly all the time.

In Maja’s work, trial, error and failure are expressly desired and are part of the learning process. And the pleasure will be even greater when things finally work out!

At the same time, Maja implements tried and tested concepts and methods from related areas, such as design thinking, NLP, systemic coaching, clown work, action theater and vocal training.

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