Maja Mommert – Business theater & acting, corporate theater

Actress and moderator for business theater

A trained improvisational actress with many years of personal experience in business, Maja is ideally cast for forum theater, biographical theater or seminar acting – especially in complex subject areas and during change processes.

She is a permanent ensemble member at inszenio, an agency for drama-based communications.

Based on her work in agencies and companies at different hierarchical levels, Maja is able to put herself in the shoes of both employees and executives and speaks their language.

In business theater projects, she grasps the problem quickly and credibly implements the characters on stage and in her interaction with the audience.

Also in business theater, Maja Mommert interacts appreciatively with the audience as a moderator.

Businesstheater Business theater & acting

Maja Mommert has a strong understanding of

  • the challenges in both strongly hierarchical companies and dynamic, largely unstructured creative labs
  • the pressure a pitch or meeting can create for the employee
  • the stress a staff meeting or wage negotiation can cause for a supervisor
  • the conflicts employees frequently experience:
    • torn between motivation and exhaustion
    • torn between loyalty and disappointment
    • torn between the absolute will to succeed and the search for a positive work-life balance

Maja is always well-informed on current trends and developments in business and society.

Your benefit:

  • Many years of leadership experience as a creative director and team leader in agencies and as a managing partner of frei.wild.
  • Excellent combination of two areas of expertise: Acting & an understanding of business and corporate hierarchies.
  • Maja acts fluently in German, English and French.


“It is astounding how many emotions business theatre can trigger. It allows you to turn topics that are actually hard to explain and mirrors that you would usually not hold up to the audience into elements of live communication that really have a sustainable effect. Maja Mommert was able to implement our goals with minimum briefing effort.”
Alexandra Yancy, Senior Sales Promotion Executive SWISS Int. Airlines